Close your eyes and think about your neighborhood. Walk down its streets and breathe in. What do you smell? Fresh cut grass because your neighbors are obsessive about lawn care? Coal dust because you live by the train tracks? Cedar smoke because you live within a five-block radius of Dreamland? Have you ever smelled hose-water on one block and honeysuckle on the next?

Let’s face it: Birmingham smells, delicious and disgusting and delightful, and it deserves a map worthy of its diverse stenches. And yet no physical map exists to document the smells in a cul-de-sac or a bus stop.

Sniffing people of Birmingham, unite! This July, the Desert Island Supply Co. will host a four-part workshop on Tuesday evening for Birmingham’s most curious adult noses. We will meet weekly to plan our smell map, and we’ll have some olfactory field work in between. At the end of the month, we will have created the first map of Birmingham’s smells, which DISCO will use to produce printed maps. Each workshop participant will receive a free copy of the map, and we will sell copies in our Desert Island Supply Co. storefront and at All proceeds will fund further creative exploration in our city.

This class is open to sniffers ages 18 and up. We ask that you make a one-time contribution of $10 (or contribute what you can) to cover space and printing costs. The Desert Island Supply Co. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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Please select the workshops you will be able to attend. It's not mandatory that you attend all four dates, but as this is a collaborative project, the more you can attend and contribute, the better the smell map will be. All workshops will tentatively run 7-8:30pm.
I understand that my spirited contribution and attendance are fundamental to a great workshop and a beautiful smell map of Birmingham. I understand that, while not required, DISCO recommends a contribution of $10 (or what I can contribute) to cover the costs of space use and printing of the final product. I understand and agree that copies of the final product of the workshop will be sold in the store of the Desert Island Supply Co. and at, all proceeds of which will fund student workshops and creative events at the Desert Island Supply Co.