Woodlawn Writers Corps

The Woodlawn Writers Corps is a collective of nearly 700 elementary and middle school students at Oliver Elementary, Avondale Elementary, and Putnam Middle School. The students in the Corps meet weekly throughout the school year for curriculum-aligned creative writing workshops, during which we explore how poetry and language intersect with history, science, math and the arts. The writing workshops are designed to be challenging and fun, with the main goal of strengthening the students’ writing skills, intensifying their intellectual habits and giving them the creative tools they need to explore and document their worlds. 

At the end of each year of the Woodlawn Writers Corps, the Desert Island Supply Co. publishes a book of student poems. All proceeds from book sales go toward sustaining the Woodlawn Writers Corps.

Order the 2018 anthology, PALE SUMMER
Order the 2017 anthology, JELLYFISH IN DISGUISE

Woodlawn StoryLab

The Desert Island Supply Co. sponsors the Tattler, the student-run school newspaper at Woodlawn High School.


The Desert Island Supply Co. offers free after-school and summer creative workshops, for ages 7-18, in our creative writing space in Woodlawn. Check out our calendar for a list of workshops. Our reoccurring after-school program, Comic Club, is now open for registration.